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Government of India and foreign financing companies have actually made available a huge cache of funds for the purpose of using up welfare activities for underprivileged section of the society. In keeping with the development needs, such funds are enhanced occasionally. It is also observed that companies linked with developments are frequently not able to tap these funds to pursue program jobs in their selected sectors of operation. Since the development companies are focused on their job of implementation, the reasons for this are many and they are frequently not in the ambit of t he development companies to attend to mostly.

The net result is that many NGOs are not able to benefit from the chances readily available to them for raising funds. In view of the troubles dealt with by these voluntary sectors, GCM Consultancy was formed to provide expert services and work as a catalyst for obtaining grant -in-aid from different sources. It is constantly transparent in dealings with donors, partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries alike except in matters associating with exclusive info of its customers.

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